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One of the hot spots in Paros island, is the picturesque harbor of Naoussa, with its Venetian castle, the center of cosmopolitan life of the island. Barbarossa, with its long tradition (opened on the same site by the same family in 1963!) has contributed to it. Barbarossa, since its opening, offers ouzo and fresh seafood with an emphasis on quality and delivery.

Today's successors of the family, renovated the place, but they continued the tradition of Barbarossa, a tradition which made Barbarossa, a «must» for every visitor or resident of Paros.

Since 2007, they work with the famous chef Joseph Sykianakis, who studied in Cuilinary Institute of America, one of the best culinary schools in the world and the Ecole Cuisine Alain Ducasse, and has experience from leading restaurants both in Greece and abroad . The famous chef shares the same vision with the family for fresh, pure and traditional materials. He created a menu based on a variety of tastes in seafood and fish, original salads and appetizers. There are some meat dishes for those who are not fond of seafood. There is a representative list of local wines and ouzo, which can accompany your choise.

Before your dinner or for a night out the Barbarossa Bar is the best choise, serving a great variety of cocktails and long drinks.

Barbarossa has expanded and provides Catering services, either on site for each event, or anywhere on the island you wish, offering excellent service, thanks to innovative menus, using the purest and freshest ingredients available, the impeccable service as the crew consists of highly trained personnel and its logistical infrastructure.

Sushi Menu


  • Spicy crab tartar salad in yuzu truffle 
  • Wakame salad with aromatic mushrooms 
  • Prawn tempura in chili sesame dressing 
  • Salmon tartar with wasabi sauce 
  • Tuna tataki with truffle oil & wakame salad 
  • Sea bream ceviche marinated with bergamot & tangerine 
  • Greater amberjack tartar in a Himalayan salt bowl

Nigiri & Sashimi (2 pcs)

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Yellow tail

Maki (8 pcs, inside out)

  • California
  • Shrimp tempura
  • Salmon 11
  • Rainbow (topped with salmon, tuna, yellow tail)
  • Spicy tuna or Salmon
  • Tuna or Salmon avocado


Old Port of Naoussa | Reservations: +3022840 51391 - +306946 335840